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ADO Tournament in Little Rock
July 12-13-14

The Envelope Please...

Dale McInnis - First              Ken Hearn-2nd

Winners - Dale, Ken (back row)
Sonny Prohaska & Tony Prestridge

The SBDA was well represented by finalists
Dale, Ken, Sonny, Melissa Green, Tony

Note: Thanks to John Martin for snaphots!

ADO 501 Regionals
May 2002

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"..And they did!!                                                  "Boys  (plus Jenny)Just Wanna Have Fun!"
Melissa Green, Marla Pendarvis, & Jenny Noble                  Left to right: SBDA's Ken Hearn, WINNAH!!,  Bubba Darbonne, SBDA
Represented The SBDA well in The ADO Regionals             ADO Rep, Sonny Prohaska, dart ace, & (once again,) Jenny Noble!!
                                                                                                           "YOU GO GIRL!!!"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sadie Hawkins Tournament @ SHOTZ LOUNGE
Memorial Day Weekend
And the winners are....

1st Place
Ted Barnett, Jennifer Walker, & Tony Prestridge
(Jennifer looks so weary after totin' these 2 heavies all day.)

2nd place winners
Bubba Darbonne, Rosie & Steve Riel

(left to right:) Always holiday fashion conscious -
Robbie Day  &  Always holiday
unconscious - Bubba Darbonne
(Just kidding-excuse the blond moment. Couldn't help myself!!)
Special Thanks to Robbie and Bubba who always provide the snapshots for our events.
The only way we can have these pictures worth a thousand words is if you provide them.
Keep those cards & letters coming!

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